Unknown Facts of Immigration for IT Professionals After Covid

Canada is always ready to welcome skilled IT professionals to settle down because the tech industry is rapidly growing. Although the COVID-19 epidemic had a substantial influence on the Canadian economy, the technology sector did not suffer as much as other industries.

Do you know there are 40000 IT Sector Companies that play an important role to bring amazing benefits to the Canadian economy? This is the reason that Canada is always ready to hire skilled workers that make valuable contributions to this sector. If you have the right skills and education with relevant work experience so you can become a part of the tech industry. If you also want your Canada Immigration successful then get in touch with experts!

Canadian employers are looking for professionals for different IT roles. Like System Analysts, Programmers, Database Analysts, Cyber Security, and many others. So you have an excellent opportunity to apply for these roles and settle down in Canada permanently. But a question that definitely comes to our mind is how can I migrate to Canada? 



Immigration Pathways for Qualified IT Professionals

Express Entry Program

The express entry program is the most popular and widely used pathway for tech workers who want to settle down in Canada. It is the quick and easiest method to get the Canada PR Visa within six months of submitting the profile. 

If you are a tech worker who has never lived or worked in Canada, you must apply for a visa under the Federal Skilled Worker. The majority of tech workers choose this option when submitting their applications. 

Provincial Nominee Program

Provincial Nominee Program is another pathway of immigration for skilled workers who want to settle in Canada’s specific territory or province. We are mentioning the two most popular PNP:

  1. Ontario Tech Stream: if you are qualified for Ontario’s Human Capital Priorities Stream then you are suitable for the Federal Skilled Worker Program or the Canadian Experience Class.
  2. British Columbia Tech: Applicants must have a valid employment offer in one of the 29 approved tech occupations to be considered for the program.

Global Talent Stream

Global Talent Stream allows Canadian employers to hire skilled workers for a specialized jobs. An applicant can also change their status after gaining work experience in Canada through this program. To be eligible for the visa, an applicant must demonstrate their talents in one of the seven target industries. You also have to meet both the occupation and minimum wage requirements.

Start-up Visa

Canadian government invites innovative and ambitious foreign entrepreneurs for global business expansion. All you need is a qualifying idea, a letter of support from an organization, meet the language requirements, and have sufficient funds to support yourself. An IT worker is also eligible for a Start-up Visa because it does not require a minimum investment and has wide selection criteria. 

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Why Should IT Professionals Migrate to Canada?

Canada is increasing immigration

Canada aims to welcome 411,000 newcomers by 2022. With the Global Talent Stream, Canada is making it easier for IT workers to secure work visa in two weeks. Due to the epidemic, the Canadian government has released a new plan to ensure that the country has enough people to grow the economy.

Quality Education System

Canada has a top-notch quality education system as compared to other countries. The tuition fee is much lower for international students as well as for permanent residents. Canada Student Immigration is one of the best decisions you have ever made for your career.

Universal Healthcare System

The government of Canada ensures that Canadians and permanent residents are not burdened by large medical expenses. Canada provides modest healthcare services to medically needy people regardless of their ability to pay. VDo Immigration is the Best Job Immigration Consultants assists you in staying informed.

Environment Friendly

In comparison to the other countries, Canada offers a democratically controlled, safe, and secure society with much lower crime rates. IT professionals are deciding on a new way of life, not just a job.

IT Professional Requirement

Canada’s economy has evolved, and the labour force lacks the IT skills that businesses require to succeed. This is why Canada is recruiting Indian IT experts by offering quicker visa processing and a clear path to permanent residency and citizenship.

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