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Best Immigration Consultants in Delhi for Canada

Best Immigration Consultants in Delhi for Canada

VDo Immigration is a full-immigration advisory firm, the best immigration consultants/lawyers/advisors/mentors for Canada, in Delhi, India of experienced advisors committed to offering remarkable legitimate types of assistance custom fitted to the client’s conditions. Upheld by a professional team, the firm has the help set up to fulfill the needs of major corporate and institutional clients while likewise offering profoundly personal and savvy services to private clients.

With its committed client service, a team of ensured immigration specialists, and years of experience in the immigration business, VDo Immigration is helping various candidates to move to Canada and Best Immigration Consultants in Delhi for Canada.

Best Immigration Consultants in Delhi for Canada

Why Choose VDo Best Immigration Consultants in Delhi for Canada?

In Tune with Your Business: It’s our business to figure out yours

Our experts are senior, experienced specialists large numbers of whom have worked in business as well as providing legal counsel. We can assist with directing you through the heap of connections expected to prevail in Canada, including assisting you with tracking down accomplices, setting up a business, and making your dream come true for your life journey.

Arrangement, Preparation, Best solutions: Preparation Meets Opportunity

For Immigration work, our methodology depends on careful arrangement and providing Best solutions as per client profile. We work to win our cases in a strategic manner. Our advisors are all fastidious, meticulous people who are knowledgeable about taking care of issues and managing real and narrative intricacy. That makes us VDo Best Immigration Consultants in delhi.

Solid Relationships Focused on Your Success: Our Partners are Your Partners

With consolidated insight, our advisors influence their networks and expert associations with the end goal to offer an unrivaled help framework for our clients. Our accomplices keep up serious areas of strength for with associations with different experts and endeavor to organize the multi-disciplinary team for our clients, including immigration lawyers, accountants, and engineers.

OUR WORKING STYLE – OUR BEST APPROACH: The distinct features that you can identify in a top immigration Consultancy are:

  • Laid out Reputation: VDo Immigration is known for our imaginative strategies, arrangement drive perspectives, and powerful outcomes at cutthroat rates. Our firm has constructed a devoted and significant client base through our steady obligation to respectability, top-notch work, and raised help.
  • Multilingual Services: Our instinctive group communicates in different dialects, including English, Punjabi, and Hindi.
  • Local & International Involvement: Our firm is focused on supporting the networks in which we live. The firm and its staff are glad to add to various causes, noble causes, and groups in the province.
  • Privacy: We understand the significance of attentiveness and secrecy. We are more refined with our client privacy documentation and the work we accomplish for them. Yet, we don’t involve them for exposure purposes.


We are a firm that does things somewhat better. We use innovation and strategic working practices to drive efficiency and convey results. Our work is reflected in the speed, productivity, and exactness of the way we work.
Consider the Immigration model. It is a pyramid formed with accomplices at the top down through senior partners, VPs, and other knowledgeable staff. Accomplices are told, that the work is passed down the chain and done by a few additional lesser legal counsellors as a learning activity, and afterward back dependent upon the accomplices to survey the work. Then the client gets an enormous bill with a few other transactions included. Also, ponders where the worth is?

What are the advantages of hiring Best Immigration Consultants in Delhi For Canada?

  • Promise: Get pragmatic advice on the unique solutions based on a client to client profile.

  • No mistake: Since we do not hire untrained staff, no errors/mistakes can happen. One mistake can turmoil the immigration journey in a second. So better to be safe from day one.

  • Stay away from the ban: You will stay away from any misrepresentation which might happen if you are unknown to any knowledge which is of utmost required.

  • Post Landing terms: It is really important that the client must be aware of about special laws which applicable on immigrants as per country laws.

  • Procedure to understand: No procedure is simple for Immigration, and more often than not, there are many rules towards documents to complete. You could feel like you’re in a tough situation, particularly in the event that English isn’t your most memorable language. Regardless of what you’re attempting to accomplish, the best immigration consultants can direct you through this confounded interaction, slowly and carefully.

Which is the best immigration consultancy in Delhi?

VDo Immigration is the best immigration consultancy in Delhi for the following reasons:

  • Practice:Through our utilization of innovation and current working practices we stay away from the duplication and expenses of the unnecessary cost involved in it. These reserve funds are then gone through to clients through cutthroat rates and adaptable charging rehearses.

  • Trained Staff: So rather than a group of juniors, untrained staff, you get a senior, experienced counsellor taking care of your work that isn’t just speedier and more proficient with no duplication, yet it is more financially savvy for you, the CLIENT.

  • Best solutions: Since we are directly connected with senior immigration experts, complex issues can be resolved within a home country.

  • Recent changes: Frequent updates are provided directly to the client.

  • VDo Immigration model: Provide personalized services to clients. We likewise have direct information and related experience that empowers us to outline the best way toward accomplishing our clients’ objectives.

  • Solutions till the end: Our emphasis is on giving the best encouragement to our clients to assist them with prevailing in Canada. We cover most areas of Immigration paths in extraordinary profundity, however on the off chance that we don’t have the solution, we will find somebody who accomplishes it for our client.

  • Incubators: We are well connected with the top incubators from Canada who assist directly our clients in setting up business in Canada.

What are the fees for availing immigration process services?

The fees for immigration process services vary depending on the Immigration program. Multiple factors are involved in determining the cost of these services and these are:
    • Which programme you are becoming eligible for, there are more than 60+ immigration programmes available in Canada;
    • The work involved in the entire process;
    • Auxiliaries & undertaking offering;
    • The pace of the services;
    • Post-landing support;
    • Qualification and credentials of the Consultants;
    • Industry experience of the firm;
    • The expertise of the immigration advisors and how your consultancy work for your profile.

Is it easy to immigrate from India to Canada?

Yes, it is easy to immigrate to Canada from India for the following reasons:
  • Canada has several immigration programs made for multi cultured society people.
  • It is absolutely merit based immigration system follows a point based grading system.
  • Even who are above 50, provincial nominee program works amazing for them.
  • You have various options to enhance your profile if get proper consultation at day one.
  • Your points can be checked using the CRS score points calculator.
  • You can also obtain a nomination under a pilot programmes.
  • The complete process for processing a Permanent Residency application through Express Entry takes 6 months upto 9 months.
  • Start-ups programme works for those who are planning to start business in Canada.
  • Student can make a way via study route which converted into PR after few years.
What are the benefits immigrants receive after obtaining Canada’s permanent residency?
  • A significant advantage of moving to Canada is the option to work and inhabit any area of your choice inside the country.
  • A PR holder has freedoms to social advantages like government funded school instruction for kids at no charge and state medical services for close relatives.
  • Outsiders have the choice of moving to Canada alongside their family, including guardians and kids and can likewise visit their nation of origin at whatever point they need to with the help of VDo Best Immigration Consultants in Delhi for Canada.
  • An individual with the long-lasting occupant status/resident can likewise expand a greeting (support) to relatives, family to get settle in the country
  • A Canadian can travel in excess of 100 nations without getting a visitor visa.
  • A worker, once settled at Canada, can enhance their business to USA too under the NAFTA arrangement.
  • New Canadian Permanent Residents can fundamentally decrease or even wipe out Canadian duties with legitimate preparation ahead of their appearance
  • On the off chance that Permanent Resident lives in Canada for quite some time in the span of six years, they become Canadian Citizens. Every youngster will get kid tax break limit of $400 each month in view of your yearly pay from the public authority, until kid arrives at 18 years old. Additionally every youngster will get $100/ – each month regardless of your pay for a very long time. On cutback of employment, occupant gets joblessness benefit up to $2000/ – each month.
  • Government will give sponsored condos (house/level) for low pay inhabitants.
What are the documents that are necessary for immigration?
  • The records indicated beneath are obligatory. Thusly, all candidates would have to give them. The visa officers would consider applications submitted without these records as deficient and reject them.
    • English proficiency test proof
    • The Medical Examination Confirmation
    • Police Certificates (PCs)
    • The Copy of the Passport
    • The Proof of Work Experience
    • The Proof of Funds

    This is not the end list, other documents are required as per profile and immigration project to be chosen by the client.

Can a Visa application be refused? The list of refusal reasons. The list is endless.
Yes, Visas are rejected frequently when people apply all alone with half knowledge, as a solid case was not made to persuade the visa official to support the visa there are several other reasons too.
  • Missed eligible criteria to meet.
  • Lack of travel history
  • Fail to show proof of funds
  • Misrepresentation
  • Lack of employment documents
  • Lack of evidentiary documents
  • Unauthentic documents
  • Criminal status anywhere in the country
  • Deportation if any
  • And many more reasons.

To conclude:

    • VDo Immigration is the Best Immigration Consultancy in India.
    • Our firm is based on a commitment, result, and best support till the end.
    • We are safe pairs of hands as we work on our own values : Transparency, Stability, Proficiency, and Uniqueness.
    • We provide tailor-made solutions to our clients.
    • We offer customized services for immigration and visa processing.
    • We work with highly professionals, our Immigration Consultants are ICCRC accredited and licensed lawyers who deal with complex issues.
    • You have to consider multiple factors while seeking the Best Immigration Consultancy in India. Our visa achievement rate has been the most noteworthy in the locale as we are by and by connected to our clients, and go to any level to help them by offering our expert advice.
    • A speedy perusal of each case is facilitated by updating on a regular routine. We built connections, the primary purpose for our brilliant achievement rate.
    • Have a question related to your immigration journey? Get in touch with us if you need help, and leave the rest to us.
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