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A business migration visa could be one of the very own kind of visas you can acquire for business growth. Many times, a particular kind of business struggles to succeed in a particular market. Hence, it makes more sense to think of business migration and experiment into new markets. We, at VDO Immigration are India’s finest Business Migration VISA consultants to help you in your journey of easing this process.
As migration consultants, we dedicate our specialised staff into working on this task of business migration. A business migration visa helps individuals to test their business in a new country, explore the potential in a better market, and find new ways to grow. Whether you are a startup, small business, or a corporation, we can help you find new opportunities in the upcoming markets.



What we do for Business Migration

The process to help business professionals for a business migration visa is quite complex, pertaining to the kind of industry they are serving, compliances involved and more. Here are the offerings of our Business Migration VISA:

Documentation assistance

We understand all the legal terms, requirements and technicalities related to different countries. Our business migration services will help you with entire documentation requirement.

Marketing support

Entering a new market could be a challenge on its own. That is when we help you with our experience into marketing. Our team helps you set up digital marketing, print media marketing and other things to make people aware of your brand.

Tax Planning and Optimization:

A new country will always have new laws for taxes. Our team comprises great accountants and bookkeepers to help you figure out taxation solutions, debt management and more.

Talent Acquisition and Recruitment

Although retaining the old employees would have been a better decision, in most of the cases, the old employees find it difficult to migrate to a new country. Hence, our support extends to finding the right talent matching your requirements and monetary expectations.

At VDO Immigration, our business migration agents will help you understand all the requirements, legal aspects and other terms that you need to be aware of, before you begin the process to migrate you business.

Benefits of global expansion or moving to other markets

There are hundreds of advantages of moving your business to new markets. When it comes to business migration to countries like Australia, the UK, the US, and Canada, there are three advantages:

Native English speaking workforce

Employees with global standard of education background

Competitive employees from standard companies

Strong infrastructure and support from industry

Access to high paying markets

Now that you have known the benefits of moving to a different country for business migration, you might have gained an interest for the same. Business migration happens to be our key areas of expertise. Our company ensures that you have every crucial thing already sorted. Hence, leaving no room for fire-fighting at the last moment. We, at VDO Immigration have created Standard Operating Procedures to follow, to ensure that all the formalities and operations are working towards the goal of seamless business migration.

Our Business Migration VISA Process:

VDO Immigration has made it very easy for business owners to ensure that their business is migrated to a different country without diverting from their business goals. It is our complete priority to ensure that you stay focused on your business, while we are working to replicate and duplicate your business in another country and eventually complete the entire migration process. In case you would like to know more about the process we follow for a business migration visa, here is it.


The entire Business Migration process starts with a consultation itself. An initial consultation with the client helps us understand how to tackle their situation. We ensure that a country-specific counsellor/specialist is allotted to you for a better understanding of the business migration process.

Documentation Assistance:

Once the country is finalised, we ensure to provide you with the complete checklist of documentation required. This also comes with a timeline of how much time may be required to acquire those particular documents. Alongside, we ensure that we are focusing on the entire compliance part of business as well.

Application Process:

Next step is to work on the application part to acquire a permit for business migration. Our application and documentation staff will ensure the application is filled completely with dedicated proofs. You also get regular updates on your application process as well.

Post-Approval Assistance

As soon as you receive an approval for business migration, you are completely free to start working in your preferred destination. However, if you may require any support or assistance to migrate, find or hire new staff, get other facilities for ease-of-access, you can contact us and we will be there to help you out.

As Migration Agents, VDO Immigration will help you with creating the best profile for your business that gets approved from the visa officer. Although, getting a visa is definitely in the hands of the respected immigration officer. But the best we can do as migration agents is to build the best profile for yourself.

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