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Indians living in countries like Australia, Canada, and other countries now have an option to invite their parents to live with them. Gone are the days when people would have to fly for hours to meet their family for a couple of days. If your parents are retired, or they can easily move to a new country without impacting their regular life, then a Parent VISA is the best option for them. We, at VDO Immigration are professional Parent Visa Consultants helping individuals file on behalf of their parents, and the children in the foreign land.
A parent visa is by far one of the most looked after forms of visas. The process itself is very daunting, and one wrong selection in the application form, or a missed out document may eventually lead your profile to be refused. Hence, we as professional Parent Visa Consultants can help you with ease by making the process simpler and easier.



What is a Parent Visa?

A Parent Visa, also known as a Family Reunion Visa, is a fantastic opportunity for Indian citizens and permanent residents to bring their parents, grandparents, or in-laws to India. This visa allows your loved ones to join you for an extended stay and experience the warmth and hospitality of Indian culture.

Countries like Australia have made specific arrangements for the parent visa by offering two subclasses: 103 and 143.

Under the both the subclass 103 and 143, you can

Establish permanent residency in Australia

Act as a sponsor for eligible family members who wish to relocate to Australia.

Apply for Australian citizenship, provided you meet the eligibility criteria.

However, the cost of both the VISAs is completely poles apart: AUD 4990 for subclass 103 and AUD 48,365 for subclass 143. Similarly, other countries have different visa types and numbers which provide various advantages.

Process of Parent VISA:

The process for a parent visa is a bit tedious pertaining to the profiles. Since, most of the parents that apply for a parent visa are considered a liability on the state, the states have made loads of criteria to select the right candidates. Here is a brief of the process followed by VDO Immigration to help the clients focus on a seamless migration process:


Contact us for a consultation to discuss your eligibility and requirements.


We'll guide you in preparing all necessary documents, such as proof of relationship, financial stability, and medical examinations.


We assist you in completing the visa application and submit it to the appropriate authorities.

Visa Approval

Once your application is approved, we help you with any additional requirements and travel arrangements for your loved ones.

Why Choose VDO Immigration?

Here’s why VDO Immigration is your trusted partner in achieving this dream:

Let's Help You Meet Your Family

Take the first step toward reuniting with your parents, grandparents, or in-laws. Contact VDO Immigration today for a consultation, and let us be your trusted partner on this heartwarming journey. Experience the joy of family reunification like never before.

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