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Individuals with a splendid portfolio of work, exposure to new methodologies and technologies are always wanted in majority companies. Since it becomes difficult to find job opportunities and prospects in your current nation, basis on your skills, you may choose to look for job opportunities abroad. We strive to ensure that talented individuals are places in the best of the best companies, and their skills are utilised in environment that favours their growth. We provide comprehensive services, focusing on transferring qualified employees from India to various countries, including the UK, US, Canada, Poland, and the Czech Republic.



Comprehensive Work Permit Services

A work permit is a broader term that may be used for different purposes. Sometimes, people may end up taking up an intern visa, holiday visa, or a skilled visa. We work on a model that has yielded a 100% success to our clients looking to migrate to a different country for work.

Our services include:

Experience the benefits of working abroad:

Working abroad can unveil hundreds of benefits for you. Be it a better working environment, handsome pay, or more respect in your field of work. People may choose to work abroad and find a work visa consultant to help them upgrade their lifestyle.

Working overseas ushers in a broad spectrum of personal and professional benefits:

Elevated living standards

Improved education opportunities for your children

Possibility of dual citizenship and visiting visa-free countries

Enhanced lifestyle for you and your family

Eligibility and Document Requirements

The work visa permit can be hard to obtain owing to the myriad of documents that may be required. The list of documentation that must be completed can take up to six months as well. But fret not. Our team of experienced work visa counsellors will help you furnish the documents list, and ensure you stand all the eligibility requirements for a work visa.

We are sharing a brief list of documents that you must be prepared with. But, make sure that in your case, some other documents may also be required.

A passport with at least six months' validity

Two passport-sized photographs

Submit an Original Company Letter from your employer with the company registration number, tax registration number, address, intended duration of stay, among other details

Furnish the details of your Employment Contract that states your salary and other terms of employment

Complete Tax Liability documents

Medically fit certificate

Types of Work Visas in India

Drawing from our years of exhaustive practice in immigration services, I understand the profound impact an overseas career move can have on your life. The work visa can be briefly classified into three major categories in India – each designed to facilitate a unique professional need.
Our services cater to three major categories of work visas:

Business Visa

Ideal for individuals who wish to explore business opportunities in a foreign country. This visa allows you to conduct business, but not gain permanent employment.

Employment Visa

Designed for professionals, skilled workers, and individuals who have secured job opportunities abroad. This visa permits you to live and work in the designated country.

Intern Visa

Perfect for recent graduates or individuals who wish to gain work experience in a foreign country within their area of study. This visa allows you to undertake training or internships.

A Partner in Your Global Career Aspirations

Our dedicated Work Permit Agents in India are at your service, ready to guide and support you throughout the complex work permit process. Please note that while we strive for accuracy and up-to-dateness, immigration laws are hugely complex and dynamic. Therefore, we strongly advise our clients to seek individual legal consultation to guarantee compliance with the prevailing regulations. Contact us today, and let’s take the first step together towards opening the doors of global professional opportunities that enhance your lifestyle and future prospects.

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