Top Most Canada Immigration Cities for New Immigrants in 2024

Every year the rate of immigration is increasing because of its high living standard. Apart from this, it also offers several benefits like job opportunities, health benefits, and high-paying jobs to every aspirant. But Canada Immigration  is not a piece of cake, you have to be very careful about your immigration process.

Most of the time our visa application gets rejected because we don’t pay attention to some important factors. An immigration process means a lot of paperwork and a detailed operation.

We all need an expert who aids us to know every detail about Canada Immigration in Delhi. So if you are searching on Google for a “Consultant Near Me” then the answer you received is VDo Immigration.

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But before immigration, every aspirant wants an ideal city for them. Canada is a very beautiful country to live in and its cities are also unique in their way. We have curated some top most Canadian cities for you that help you to find your ideal place to live.




Toronto is one of the most famous cities of Canada among every immigrant. As most immigrants are welcomed in Toronto compared to other Canadian cities. Toronto, known as Canada’s financial capital, has a varied and multilingual population.


One of the most livable cities in Canada is Vancouver which is quite famous among immigrants and tourists. It is one of the most diversified cities that has a wide immigrant community that aids immigrants to settle down quickly.


Approximately 1.8 percent of Saskatoon’s population welcomed. Last year, the number of economic backgrounds immigrants was rather high. Saskatoon residents enjoy a low cost of living, and the city’s constant population increase adds significantly to the city’s expanding employment market.


Charlottetown is a lively seaside city surrounded by gorgeous beaches in Canada’s smallest province. However, when measured on a per-capita basis, the city comes out on top, with immigrants accounting for 2.4 percent of the population. The reason for the big numbers is that Prince Edward Island’s economic class initiatives, such as PNP and AIP, have been effective in attracting significant numbers of immigrants.


Moncton people are very friendly and welcoming. You will find the most highly affordable living here. It has effectively earned around a 10% increase in overall job growth throughout the years, leaving its unemployment rate at about 5.5 percent.


Montreal is the largest city in Quebec and the topmost cost-effective among Canadian cities. Because of its old French-style architecture, art galleries, and museums, the city is often regarded as Canada’s cultural capital.


Halifax is the 5th largest tech industry city in Canada that has recently grown over years. It has a prominent financial industry, with several major banks having their headquarters there. The city is also one of North America’s top ten friendliest business cities.


Fredericton is known as a cultural heaven which is located in New Brunswick. If you wish to settle down with your family then this place is an ideal option for you. This capital city of New Brunswick offers highly cost-effective living to people. You will find the most affordable housing prices as compared to other Canadian cities.

We hope that you will find the ideal city for you. If you are willing to settle down in any Canadian city then you have so many options to choose from. Finding the most suitable city for your needs is just as important as selecting the most appropriate immigration program for your immigration. Don’t worry, VDo Immigration will grant you appropriate assistance.

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