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Occupation in demand in Canada

Occupation in demand in Canada

Immigrant applicants with work experience in any skilled occupation may be invited to apply for permanent residence in Canada through Canada’s Express Entry system, but experience in a Canadian occupation in demand may be an advantage at the provincial level.

Canada has federal and provincial economic immigration pathways, each with its specific work experience criteria.

The Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP) is the main source of skilled immigrants applying for a Canada PR Visa. To be eligible for this program, one of the major requirements is to have work experience in any one of the 347 eligible occupations. Any skilled immigrant who has the required work experience in in-demand occupations is selected for the PR visa process.

Canada Occupation In-Demand List 2022-2023

1. Registered Nurses(RNs)

Medical field professionals’ demand in Canada has always been high. But post-pandemic the demand for registered nurses has increased more. Their work is to diagnose or examine the patient and to record the patient medicine and test report admitted to the medical center or hospital and submit it to the doctor. And also providing medicines to patients on time. All this responsibility is of registered nurses. Their salary starts from 20 $ per hour and can go up 50 $ per hour.

2. Bookkeeper

So, the second most demanding occupation in Canada is Bookkeeper. It is a data entry job in which you have to record expenses and sales using software on a computer. It is a desk job. Becoming a bookkeeper in Canada is very easy. All you need to do is learn software like QuickBooks (the most popular in Canada). So, if you learn this software you can easily apply for this position in companies like food outlets, Indian stores, agencies, and different institutions in Canada. Bookkeeper salary starts from 20-22 $ per hour and can go up to 35 $ per hour with experience and security

3. IT Help Desk & Network Administrators

The third most demanding occupation in Canada is IT help desk & Network Administrator. There are computer and laptops present in every company that employees uses. They have their intranet, network, and internet which have to be managed. And computers and laptops need time-to-time maintenance. IT help desk or Network Administrators examine this. Also when a new employee joins the company IT help desk helps him/her to set up the system, provide them with all the tools and solve their problem (if any). Network Administrator’s salary starts from 20-22 $ per hour to 45-50 $ per hour depending upon their experience and seniority level. And IT help desk salary starts from 16-17 $ per hour and can go up to 35 $ per hour.

4. Financial Advisors

People nowadays have become more intelligent. Everyone has to invest money either in stocks, ETFs Mutual Funds, or Cryptocurrencies like bitcoin. People have become more aware of investing money post covid as they understood the fact of investing money. People don’t have much time to research about that which stocks or ETFs or mutual fund is good for them. For this people go to banks or organizations to take advice on which would be the best stock or ETF for them. That’s why the demand for financial advisors have been increased in the market. In this, you have to advise or suggest to the person which investment would be good for you. They are hired by a financial organization or bank. Their salary starts from 22-23 $ per hour and based on experience and seniority level, it can go up to 50-55 $ per hour.

5. Accountants

Accountants have been always in demand in Canada. They are in demand in all the cities of Canada. Their job is to maintain the accounts. Their average salary is 32-33 $ per hour and can go up 40 $ per hour. Along with this, if you do CPA from Canada then your salary may go up to 50-60 $ per hour.

6. Web Developers and Designers

Nowadays, as we look everything is online from online hotel booking to buying food online. They are highly in demand not just in but all over the world. Their work is to develop the website then maintain it and upgrade it from time to time. As a fresher, their salary starts from 22-25 $ per hour and as you gain experience it may go up to 57-60 $ per hour.

7. Cyber Security Specialist

As online business is increasing then hand in hand the risk of fraud is also increasing. To prevent this a cyber security specialist is needed. Their work is to protect the sensitive data of the organization. And to track the internal and external attacks on the organization. Also to monitor cybercrime. Their salary starts from 25 $ per hour as a fresher and can go up to 65 $ per hour with the experience.

8. Customer Service Representative

Customer Service Representative has always been in demand, particularly in Canada. Their job is to attend to the calls and solve the problem of the customer regarding the product or service of an organization. Your communication skills improve if you do this job as an international student. It can be done from work from home. And their salary starts from 16 $ per hour and can go up to 25-26 $ per hour. And if you want to earn more i.e. 35-40 $ per hour then you can become a team leader or manager.

9. Software Development

Software Development field is highly in demand everywhere. The software development field is a very wide field having many professions like mobile app development, application development, embedded software development, firmware development, and even web development comes in this field. Their average salary starts from 40 $ per hour and can go up to 80 $ per hour with the experience.

10. Project Managers

Project Managers are in demand in every industry whether that is the retail industry, IT, or construction. Their job is to design the timeline of the project and make sure that the project is done within the timeline. They also have to decide the team who will be working on the project and also check that the project is made under the initial decided cost. Their salary is around 35-40 $ per hour. But if you do certification from Canada like PMP, or CAPM then your salary can go up to 60-65 $ per hour.

11. Retail Store & Warehouse Associates

This job can be done part-time or full-time. Retail Store Associates’ work is to stock themselves, support or help the customers that come to the stores. And if you work in the warehouse then you have to load and unload the items, check invoices, receive the items coming from the truck, and maintain a record. Their salary starts from minimum wage i.e. 15-16 $ per hour and if you go to a higher position i.e. manager then it can go up to 35-40 $ per hour.

12. Recruiters

As you see the demand in every field is increasing, them the people who will be hiring them their demand will also increase. Many recruitment companies hire recruiters. Recruiters’ work is to find out the right talent and hire them for their clients. Their salary starts from 20 $ per hour and can go up to 30-35 $ per hour.

There are many more jobs available in Canada. But these were the most demanding jobs. If you want a high-paying job in Canada, then you have to find your niche which means you have to become a specialist in your field.

What is NOC?

NOC – National Occupation Classification is a code system used by the federal government of Canada to give a structure for the assessment and analysis of professions in the country. NOC code is a combination of four digits.

The first digit in a NOC shows the industry of the profession:

  1. Management Occupations
  2. Business, finance, and administration occupations
  3. Applied and Natural sciences and any relation occupations
  4. Health occupation
  5. Occupations in education, law, and school, community, and government services
  6. Occupations in art, culture, recreation, and sport
  7. Sales and service occupations
  8. Transport, equipment, and trade operated and any related occupations
  9. Natural resources, agriculture, and related production occupations
  10. Occupations in manufacturing and utilities

NOC has different skill levels that are based on the type of occupation. These skill levels are:

Skill Level A: Management-related professions;
Skill Level B: Occupations that require at least a university degree;
Skill Level C: Tech-related occupations that require an apprentice training or college diploma;
Skill Level D: Intermediate professions with a high school diploma;
Skill Level E: Labour-related profession that requires only training;

Skilled Occupation list of Canada 2022

The skilled occupation list for Canada 2022 are following:  
1 0011 Legislators
2 0012 Senior government managers and officials
3 0013 Senior managers – financial, communications and other business services
4 0014 Senior managers – health, education, social and community services and membership organizations
5 0015 Senior managers – trade, broadcasting and other services, n.e.c.
6 0016 Senior managers – construction, transportation, production and utilities
7 0111 Financial managers
8 0112 Human resources managers
9 013 Purchasing managers
10 0114 Other administrative services managers
11 0121 Insurance, real estate and financial brokerage managers
12 0122 Banking, credit and other investment manag
13 0124 Advertising, marketing and public relations managers
14 0125 Other business services managers
15 0131 Telecommunication carriers managers
16 0132 Postal and courier services managers
17 0211 Engineering managers
18 0212 Architecture and science manager
19 0213 Computer and information systems managers
20 0311 Managers in health care
21 0411 Government managers – health and social policy development and program administration
22 0412 Government managers – economic analysis, policy development and program administration
23 0413 Government managers – education policy development and program administration
24 0414 Other managers in public administration
25 0421 Administrators – post-secondary education and vocational training
26 0422 School principals and administrators of elementary and secondary education
27 0423 Managers in social, community and correctional services
28 0431 Commissioned police officers
29 0432 Fire chiefs and senior firefighting officers
30 0433 Commissioned officers of the Canadian Forces
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