Canada Introduced New Scenario For Immigrants in 2022

Latest Update NOC  2022: The Canada New Occupational Classification (NOC) system changes will affect economic classes and temporary foreigners’ work applications. New Occupational Classification (NOC) is Canada’s system for categorizing jobs or occupations. The NOC is reviewed every year and re-evaluated every five years. It is updated every ten years to highlight the changing labor market in Canada. Get to know the latest update NOC 2021 report with Best Immigration Consultant in India.



Previous Scenario of NOC 2016

Immigrants who are willing to move to Canada must demonstrate their work experience based on the occupation below as per NOC 2016.

  • NOC O- Managerial Level Jobs
  • NOC A- Professional Jobs
  • NOC B- Skilled Trade Jobs
  • NOC C & D- Semi and Low Skilled Jobs in Trade or Sales.

IRCC and ESDC analyze the applications for immigration and Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) based on these NOC categories.

New Scenario of NOC 2021

The NOC list is completely changed with a new approach to reach the expectations of market trends. Do you want to get a job in Canada? You should know the changes in NOC with Top Immigration Consultant in India.

  • TEER System replaces the NOC level

The NOC skill level is categorized into four categories: A, B, C, or D. Now the NOC adopt the TEER system to segregate the occupations of the applicants. TEER stands for Training, Education, Experience, or Responsibilities on the basis of job category. This system will highlight the good experience and education for a specific job of applicants. It will help in finding the professionals as per their skills as compare to the NOC method.

  • 6 TEER Categories

Latest Update NOC  2022  is introducing 6 different categories that will help you to work in Canada. We are mentioning detailed information about the TEER system.

  1. TEER 0– Managerial Level or Occupations
  2. TEER 1- Bachelor or Master Degree or Experience in a particular occupation from TEER 2
  3. TEER 2– Supervisory or Substantial safety occupation


Years of experience or Completion of 2-3 years post-secondary education program at community college, school of technology, or CEGEP.

TEER 3- Completion of two-year post-secondary education programs at community college, school of technology, or CEGEP


2 years of apprentice training


Experience in a specific occupation from TEER 4


Six-month experience of on-the-job training/training course with secondary school education.

TEER 4- Secondary school education


Several years of experience under TEER 5 in a specific occupation

TEER 5- No formal education required Or Short work experience

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