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VDO Immigration is one of the best immigration consultants in Delhi. They provide novel, reasonable and cost-effective solutions for immigrating matters. Advancing high-grade services since the beginning, they are simply the best.

Feeling that your heart is missing a beat? Or experiencing quaking in your boots about going to your dream country? Fret, not!

You are at the right place at the right time.



VDO Immigration bestows superb guidance and expertise. We help you with everything, making them a master of friendly immigration consultants. VDO Immigration, thereby, saves you from the arduous visa application process. It can be safely concluded that they are the best immigration consultants in Delhi.

Confused whether VDO Immigration caters to your specific needs?

Well, don’t be! They take care of all sorts of requirements. From citizenship by investment to permanent residency by investment, they know all. Further, they are experts in employment-based visa or student visa also. VDO Immigration considers all elements that might cross your mind. Finally, they select the best-suited program for you.

VDO Immigration has carved its way to the top in no time. They deal in expats entry in the home country and immigration matters. All this makes them the best immigration consultants in Delhi.

VDO Immigration’s group of “Global Locals” are scattered in various parts of the world. They are known for sharing their ground-level experience with us. This gives them an impeccable chance to connect with the immigration needs of their clients.

They make a brilliant combination of their immigration amenities and legal documents. VDO Immigration saves a lot of your precious time with their expertise. They have an excellent knowledge of immigration and laws prevalent in different countries. Not to forget the visa application process.

These robust utilities, clearly, make them the best immigration consultants in Delhi.

Best immigration consultants in Delhi for Canada

With Canada welcoming Indians with open doors, why not reap this benefit? They have a soft immigration policy for Indians moving there.

VDO Immigration is one of the best immigration consultants in Delhi for Canada. Beyond the shadow of a doubt, they are known for their detailed and comprehensive course of action.

They stay updated and informed of the constant changes taking place. Being aware of changes in the immigration policy of Canada is integral. Not just this, they also keep a tap on the future updates. They are aware that knowing about the upcoming policies is necessary. Connect with VDO Immigration, the best immigration consultants in Delhi for Canada to take a toll on your behalf.

They have a deep insight into what the Canadian embassies and consultants look for while granting visas. Majority of applicants end up making mistakes unknowingly while applying for visas. Like information furnished might be incomplete, missing, factually incorrect, etc. By consulting VDO Immigration, you avoid such blunders and needless delay or refusal in the process.

They take care of the overall visa application process. It includes legal documentation necessary for immigration too. VDO Immigration takes on a thorough and all-inclusive blueprint right from the beginning. It includes looking out for universities to scholarship and fee waiver as well for students. This gives you all the more reason to consult VDO Immigration. They are by far the best immigration consultants in Delhi for Canada.

Canada Immigration Consultants in Delhi

Facing any problem of rejected visas for going to Canada?

Don’t lose sleep! VDO Immigration is your Canada immigration consultants in Delhi. They are happily willing to lend a hand to you. Immigrate to Canada via a hassle-free and facile process with VDO Immigration.

VDO Immigration also takes up claims for rejected visas. They will support you through thick and thin until you move to Canada.

They are here to help you with all aspects and dimensions of border control procedures. We take notice of the minimum requirements for immigration. Further, they ensure that you meet the criteria and migrate to Canada easily.

Canada demands intricate paperwork that requires expert advice. With their in-depth knowledge, VDO Immigration guides and assists you in the entire process. They are there for you until you finally receive your visa. Sit back and let VDO Immigration, your Canada immigration consultants in Delhi do the job for you.

Getting a visa approved in the initial stage itself is a winning situation for you. With VDO Immigration ticking all your checkboxes, you don’t need to wait to pack your bags. With VDO Immigration, you stay sure. By assigning them the task, you are letting your immigration decision go in safe hands.

VDO Immigration keeps you updated about the status of your visa applications throughout. They promote transparency and reduce rigidity in the process.

VDO Immigration as your Canada immigration consultants in Delhi is beneficial. They are in close vicinity to embassies. Just in case, there is any unexpected pause or halt to your application. VDO Immigration can right away look up to it and get the matter resolved. Their services are such that they can be availed for a greater output than your expectations.

Trust VDO Immigration blindly for their efficient and reliable advice in immigration affairs.

How Can You Immigrate To Canada?

Immigration to Canada is no child’s play unless you have the right support of the right Immigration Consultant. Are you one of those lakhs of aspirants planning to immigrate to Canada? There are more than 60 immigration programs available to immigrate to Canada. With so many options available, it’s kind of confusing to choose which one is the most suitable for you. But with the help of the Best immigration consultants in Delhi for Canada, you won’t need to worry about it anymore. Because they select the best and the most suitable program according to your needs.

Following are the most common Immigration Programs to Canada:

Express Entry

This is one of the fastest and one of the most popular programs. In this, eligibility is through the following 3 categories:

  • Federal Skilled Worker (FSW)
  • Federal Skilled Trades (FST)
  • Canadian Experience Class (CEC)

The candidates are given scores, known as Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) based on age, education, career history, language skills, adaptability, etc, and then are ranked. And then are drawn out of the pool. The top candidates are then invited to apply.

Family Class Sponsorship

In this program, the Canadian citizens and permanent resident are eligible to sponsor their:

  • Spouse/Common-law partner
  • Parent/Grandparent
  • Dependent Children

Moreover, eligible citizens and residents can also sponsor certain other family members.

Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP)

Under this, the candidates can apply for a specific local province for permanent residence and should have intentions to live there. Canada’s provinces offering this program include Alberta, Ontario, British Columbia, Newfoundland, etc. You can either choose the Express-entry linked option or the direct PNP one.

Self-Employed Person Program

To be eligible for this program, the candidate must have 2 years of relevant experience in their field and must be able to make a significant contribution to their field. The fields are Sports, Arts, and Culture, including Painter, Writer, Journalist, Editor, Dancer, Photographer, Athlete, Coach, etc. Moreover, they need to score 35 points out of 100. The Quebec Self Employed Program is different. The eligibility and selection criteria are kinda specific in the Self-Employed Person Program.

You don’t need to worry about that. Hire the Best immigration consultants in Delhi for Canada and get in touch with the professionals. VDO Immigration delivers unparalleled services and has successfully assisted numerous clients with their successful immigration. We are the pathway to your dream destination. So, Enquire Now!

Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program

To be eligible under this program, the candidate should hold a job offer from Canada’s Atlantic Provinces, which includes New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador, and Prince Edward Island. The labor demand and the eligibility requirements in the province impact your success rate in getting the VISA. It has 3 streams of programs for eligibility requirements: Atlantic High-Skilled Program, Atlantic Immediate Skilled Program, and Atlantic International Graduate Program.

Benefits of Immigration of Canada

Canada for Immigration. Is it any good? Yes. Firstly, Canada is ranked as the 2nd best country globally. Secondly, it’s number 1 in terms of quality of life in 2020. Moreover, Canada aims to welcome more than 4 lakhs immigrants in 2021. Thus, Immigration to such a country provides you with a bundle of benefits. Some of the benefits are listed below:

  • Better Standard of living

Canada is ranked as number 1 for quality of life. Thus, that means that it provides the best quality of life.

  • Better Employment opportunities

The unemployment rate in Canada in 2020 is only 9 percent. There is a high demand for workers and employees in various industries. Moreover, the government provides support to its residents to get a job.

  • Better Health benefits

Permanent residents and citizens are offered State-funded health care facilities free of cost.

  • Better Educational facilities

Government helps its residents in education also. They provide free education to children below the age of 18 years.  Also, they provide subsidized education facilities for children after the age of 18 for higher studies.

  • Better housing facilities

Housing acquisition is offered to people at low-interest rates. Moreover, subsidized housing is even available for low-income earners.

  • Low crime rates

With its low crime rates, Canada is considered a safe country to live, study, and work in. Canada is ranked 6th in the Global Peace Index in 2019, making it one of the safest countries in the world.

  • Better financial facilities

The Canadian government extends their hands for providing financial help to the unemployed, people facing financial crises, and children too. Moreover, they provide retirement and pension benefits.

There are many more benefits to Immigration in Canada. So, what are you waiting for? Get ready for immigration to Canada by hiring one of the Best immigration consultants in Delhi for Canada. And at the top of the best is VDO Immigration. We are confident in our abilities and skills. We provide streamlined and proficient services to our clients. So, rest assured. Your route to your dream destination will be fulfilled with our personalized assistance and guidance.

Settle in the Best, Settle by the Best.

Are you thinking or planning to settle in Canada? But you are getting a headache due to the complex and complicated VISA procedure. We are here for your rescue. VDO Immigration takes all your tension load. We are one of the trusted and experienced Canada immigration consultants in Delhi. We provide high-quality immigration consultation services and guidance, along with flexible payment.

“Hiring an immigration consultant is not an alternative, it’s a necessity”


Make sure the Consultant provides you with an agreement before proceeding with providing the services. It should be duly signed by both parties. Also, you can ask for its copy too.

Beware of the Fraudulent

  • You’ll encounter many Immigration Consultants claiming to provide you with the best service. They are all talk and no action. Moreover, they charge hefty fees. And the result will be disappointment and cheating.
  • If you start getting weird emails from Immigration Consultants you never contacted, they probably are scammers.
  • There is no 100% guarantee of success in VISA acceptance. So, if any consultant claims to do that, they are scammers.


Sometimes Word of Mouth works best. So, ask your relatives, friends, and neighbours for their trusted source or consultant they have hired and were satisfied with their services. Because client-satisfaction is necessary.

So, checklist the above and you are good to go in hiring the Best immigration consultant. Thinking of a fresh start in Canada? Don’t begin this fresh start with complications and problems. If you are looking for the Best immigration consultants in Delhi for Canada, then no need to look further.

VDO Immigration is the name for you. With our globally recognized presence, we are one of the best immigration consultants in Delhi. And we ensure to make your journey smooth and stress-free by providing a competitive and reasonable pricing structure. We promise your safety and success in immigration through our systematic and customer-oriented approach and assistance.

What are the Benefits of Top immigration Consultants in Delhi?

  • Error-Free

Hiring an Immigration Consultant will ensure that there is no mistake during the process that can cause delays and rejections. Thus, they provide attention to details.

  • Industry Experts

The Immigration Consultant has strong knowledge and has up-to-date knowledge of immigration laws, programs, and processes needed.

  • Proper Guidance

They provide one-on-one counselling, guidance, and legal assistance. They provide constant support throughout the entire process. Moreover, they will find the right program that fits you, your profile, and your needs.

  • Saves Time

Immigration Consultant saves you from the hassle of applying and submitting.

  • Transparency and Follow-ups

They won’t leave you in the dark. Get constant follow-ups regarding your application status. Therefore, this way you’ll be able to keep track of your process.

  • Paper works

Leave all the lengthy paperwork and legal requirements on them. Moreover, get the benefits of timely submission.

So, what are you waiting for? Invest your time in one of the best Top immigration consultants in Delhi. Get absolute transparency and legal assistance handled by professionals. VDO Immigration has emerged as one of the best Immigration Consultants using systematic strategies. We ensure working with legal compliance and following ethical conduct. So, book a consultation today!

Why choose us?

VDO Immigration is an executive immigration consultancy provider. We provide efficient and effective services. Our core team consists of professionals catering to the needs and requirements of our clients in the best possible manner. We provide No misleading and false commitment. Because we care and want you to create Happy Memories. So, Relocate and Resettle in Canada hassle-free. Therefore, avail of our services right away!

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