Fulfill your Canadian dreams with us. At VDO Immigration, we are passionate about helping individuals and families realize their aspirations of immigration to Canada from India. Our seasoned team simplifies the intricacies of the immigration process, paving the way for your smooth journey towards your Canadian aspirations.

Why Choose Us for Your Migration to Canada from India?

What sets VDO Immigration apart is our extensive knowledge of both Indian and Canadian immigration regulations. This dual expertise enables us to provide a premier service to our clients seeking to migrate to Canada from India. Our wealth of experience, combined with personalized solutions, equips us to address the unique needs of all who envision a life in Canada.

We Offer:

  • Expert Guidance: We possess years of experience of helping people with different profiles and complications to make migration to Canada from India easier and simple.
  • Comprehensive Support: We understand that oftentimes passionate individuals are unsure of the kind of documentation and other essentials that are required. Hence, ensuring you can comfortably immigrate to Canada from India.
  • Transparency: We are rigid and strong in ensuring transparency of the entire process. Everything we share with you, is well-informed and you are always communicated beforehand.
  • Customized Solutions: Different profiles require a different approach. At VDO Immigration, we ensure that your case is handled in a manner best to its nature.

Immigration is a serious issue, and we are so serious about it. Let’s fulfill your Canadian dreams with various Canadian Immigration Programs.

Our Services

  • 1. Skilled Immigration: Transfer your skills from the Indian market to the Canadian markets. Choose from Canada’s Express Entry System and Provincial Nominee Programs. Aspiring skilled workers looking to immigrate to Canada from India can greatly benefit from this service.
  • 2. Student Visa: Apply to over 1000 colleges and universities in Canada. Get application fee waiver and scholarship opportunities as applicable. Some educational programs make it easier to immigrate to Canada from India.
  • 3. Family Class Sponsorships: For people residing in Canada, who wish to invite their family to visit them, they can opt for Family Class Sponsorship.
  • 4. Business Immigration: For business professionals who wish to grow their business in Canada, hire Canadian workforce and set up their operations in Canada, they can seek this visa. Our business migration experts can help you out with that.
  • 5. Post-landing Services: Once you reach your destination, we help you ensure a comfortable stay, SIM card, insurance, and other facilities that you would require.

Begin your journey to a better life and migrate to Canada from India with our sound advice and effective immigration services. We assure you the transition will be as smooth as you dare to dream. With us by your side, your aspiration of immigration to Canada from India is just a step away.


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Why Canada ?

Every year, more than 120,000 people have chosen to immigrate to Canada from India. Be it about obtaining a study visa, permanent residency, work visa or other purpose, 

individuals from India choose Canada as their new home, obtaining permanent residency. As a result, Canada proudly hosts one of the most significant Indian diasporas globally.

Immigration to Canada from India is at an all time high. With the Canada Immigration Level Plan for 2023-2025, it aims to receive over one million new immigrants. Canada has over 80 immigration programs which provides a lot of opportunities for individuals and families to make way to living in Canada. VDO Immigration has time and again been recognized for its excellence in assisting its clients with the best pathway to visa, residency,and more.

Why migrate to Canada from India

High standard of living, comparable to the US, UK and Australia

Free medical facilities

Free education

Elder insurance and pension schemes

Zero terror activities

Low crime rate

Experience all 4 seasons

Easy PR Process

Post Immigration

Since the points have been mentioned above, there are many additional reasons why you should consider Canada. 

Canada is a quite popular destination for its citizens who are humble, and helping in nature. Unlike other countries, the Canadian Police is also known for its hospitable nature. Since, the Canadian immigration office receives a lot of applications for study visa, visitor visa, family visa, and more, the department has made a lot of facilities for applicants to receive information regarding their status. 

While in Canada, the citizens are prioritised in terms of welfare, the citizens end up becoming happy. Owing to the same, Canada has been ranked 13th Happiest Country in the world. As it is based on a lot of factors that consider education, healthcare, jobs, and more, there is no denial that Canada has definitely considered everything for its citizens before anything else.

If that is the case, then the Canada Immigration Programs definitely bag the attention. Speaking of the Canadian Immigration Programs, there are two broad categories which the applicants may apply:

Express Entry System

  • Federal Skilled Worker (FSW)
  • Federal Skilled Trades (FST)
  • Canadian Experience Class (CEC) 

Provincial Nominee Programs

  • Alberta Provincial Nominee Program
  • British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program 
  • Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program
  • New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program
  • Newfoundland and Labrador Provincial Nominee Program 
  • Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee Program
  • Northwest Territories Provincial Nominee Program 
  • Nunavut Provincial Nominee Program
  • Ontario Provincial Nominee Program
  • Prince Edward Island (PEI) Provincial Nominee Program 
  • Quebec Provincial Nominee Program
  • Saskatchewan Provincial Nominee Program
  • Yukon Provincial Nominee Program

An applicant who wishes to take services for immigration to Canada from India, the Canadian High Commission provides a very large umbrella of immigration options. This is something that will take into consideration a variety of experiences, backgrounds, education, and more. This is something that will enable more individuals to find their way to Canada.

Historical Significance

It’s a no-brainer that Canada has turned out to be one of the most preferred countries for Indians. Every year, hundreds and thousands have chosen to migrate to Canada from India. With such a high competition, application rate, and each profile being stronger than the other, immigration to Canada from India has become more difficult.

The year 2022 has been the most enticing year in terms of immigration to Canada. 492,984 had secured their immigration status in Canada during this time, and it has been a significant growth as compared to previous years. This pushes the context on how Canada is welcoming migrants.

Immigration to Canada from India is also at an all time high. With the Indian citizens having overcome their basic needs, accomplished good education, secured decent jobs in India, they are now planning to welcome new opportunities as they immigrate to Canada from India.