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Assuming you’re similar to most candidates for Canadian immigration, you either don’t want to enlist a Canadian Immigration expert or attorney to assist you with getting Immigration in Canada, or you can’t stand to. Be that as it may, consistently a huge number of candidates hire a directed Canadian immigration advisor or attorney to make everything easier.



For one thing, let’s get straight to the point: there is no necessity for you to hire an expert or legal advisor to address you in your Canadian immigration application. It is feasible to apply for permanent residency, or get a work or study permit, or visit Canada briefly, without the help of a specialist.

Yet, assuming you go with a DIS (do it self) procedure, that implies you really want to turn into the master in a perplexing arrangement of projects, cutoff times, structures, and that’s just the beginning. However, DIY is possible when you have concurrent knowledge.

Here at VDO Immigration, we are offering IA (Immigration application) service to people who are ready to Immigrate self with DIS procedure under the training from our experts.

Benefits to achieve:

  • Be your own boss of your application;
  • No fraudulent activity;
  • No complexity;
  • No involvement of third party;
  • Get the advice as per the requirement;
  • No high end amount involved


At VDO Immigration, we are unique in both our approach and the length of time we have been delivering our learning programs online.

Available for Students | Professionals

The site is now accessed daily by students, professionals in over 10 countries including India, Canada, Australia, Africa, United States of America and many more.

Inclusive Tutelage

Our preparation is planned in light of grown-up students, youngsters and candidates who dream of going abroad but couldn’t reach the right destination. Also, I lost a hell amount of money.

It is adaptable, educated by genuine experts and plans to offer substantial benefit. This is an ad-hoc service provided by us specially to our citizens who really want to  settle abroad.

Why VDO Immigration?

VDO Immigration is tied in with equipping you with the data you really want to settle on informed choices. We need you to have the option to design and deal with your turn, and ultimately carry on with an astounding and effective life in Canada, without you spending an unnecessary penny more or a day longer holding up than you want to.

Our training will be provided to all candidates who are seeking advice for settlement abroad. During the training, the following services will be provided for 2 years mandate time.

The services include:

  • Learn how to fill Application forms;
  • Correction will be provided if already filed;
  • Training for particular Immigration programme;
  • Special privilege to students;
  • Refusal Mistakes correction;
  • Guidance for Visa approval;
  • And other prerequisites important during the Immigration journey

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